X3 MT & X2 MT

X3 MT is a surgical light with adjustable colour temperature. Each LED is managed, protected and controlled electronically. A surgical light with LED consisting of aluminium body with three petals.


X2 MT is a surgical light on the basis of X3 MT with two petals.



EPURE surgical light meets the professional requirements of surgeons. Epure has an array of eight and 4 LEDs module. the pandora feature of Epure light is luminous intensity, focus and colour temperature. To prevent unintended changes, the MOTION-MATIC intelligent system tracks down the hand in a 5cm area around the sensor and switches off automatically when the cupola is moved.


Diasys is an intelligent and suitable light for examination procedures, offering a central illumination of 70 000 lux or 90 000 lux. The Diasys is made of an extra-flat cupola and features the innovative technology motion-matic which allows the adjustment of luminous intensity without touching the cupola. The Diasys is available in ceiling, wall or mobile versions. The Diasys is a minor surgical light composed of a 4-LEDs module. 

X1 ST & X1+

X1 ST & X1+ is an adept light for minor surgeries. They both feature intelligent LED management and control and Focusmatic technology. The colour temperature of the X1+ & X1 ST surgical light is fixed.

Additional Features

Every LED consists of Intelligent LED Control with following features:

  • Constant Colour Lighting (CCL): Maintains performance throughout the LEDs life time.

  • APM is an automatic preventive maintenance for the LEDs.

  • EFA is Electronic Focalisation System, adjustment of the illuminated spot without mechanical movement.

  • WCT: Wireless Communication Technology

All Surgiris lights are capable to be celing-mount, wall-mount or mobile-stand.

The standard functions of the EPURE, X3 and X2 lights include an ENDO mode. The ENDO mode allows the diffusion of ambient light suitable for performing procedures under imaging guidance and control: Endoscopic and Laparoscopic

Surgiris lights consists of Focusmatic Technology which enhances the "focus" function of the surgical lights. Focusmatic technology allows the adjustment of the illuminated field diameter up to a very large spot size with no loss of central lighting intensity.


Nomadeo Camera + Ikegami Monitor

Nomadeo Camera doesn't require any video preparation required. The camera provides HD quality image and its plug & play system makes it a must-have accessory for any operating room. Moreover, a single camera can be used in several operating rooms according to the needs of medical staff.

Ikegami Monitor supports the Nomadeo Camera, the 26-inch MLW-2627-DC Type 3D produces a realistic 3D image in high quality and functionality required in medical field.

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 14.37.00.png

SurgiCapture is the medical industry affordable, high-definition recorder. It records upto two weeks of HD video on the internal hard drive or directly and can conveniently  transfer to flash USB drive. Its steel case and fluid resistant front panel, it is built to withstand the rigours of operating rooms.

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