About Us

  • ​Medex India Private Limited is a pan - India company with roots established prior to 1977.


  • Established on the vision of a healthy India.

  • Mission to commit on advancing good health.


  • Medex India clients includes the Government of India as well as multitude of state hospitals, its market leader in distribution of various products for the national health sector. Moreover, it has a well-established post sale service department where the sales assistant, technicians and engineers facilitate the cross-over of the firm's product.

  • Medex India is a supplier with connections in 10+ companies, 10+ countries, 390+ products with sales heading firm of 50+ people in India.

  • Medex Founders were associated with media, National Computer Operation (Nco), dye and health industries pre-1977 through other firms, in the books, Medex is written to be incepted at 1960s chronology.

1977: Medex Agencies as a proprietorship firm

1984: Medex Agencies became a partnership

1995: Founded as Medex India Private Limited